Create Complex Integrations in D365


Have you ever wondered why Dynamics 365 integrations are so complex?

Although D365 Finance and Operations can facilitate simple integrations with other applications, you need a developer to code these integrations from scratch. You need to do different integrations one after the other if you need to import data from multiple companies in F&O. To cap it all, there are no options available for the user to monitor the performance of such integrations in real time. All this makes connecting with a wide variety of systems within or outside Dynamics 365 complex, time-consuming, and expensive. 

To help you counter this challenging process, To-Increase developed Connectivity Studio for D365 F&O—a fully configurable, no-code solution built inside Microsoft’s D365 ERP, that enables faster and smarter integrations, and negates developer costs. 

This powerful application integration solution enables you to easily configure, monitor, and maintain unlimited integrations, enable data migrations from any legacy system, automate EDI processes, and manage the distribution of your master data. Tune in to our upcoming webinar to learn why Connectivity Studio is the only integration solution for Dynamics 365 F&O you will ever need! 

Register for the “Create and Monitor Complex Integrations in D365” on-demand webinar today to learn: 

  • Why creating and maintaining integrations in D365 have become more complex than ever 
  • How you can effortlessly connect D365 F&O to the rest of your business 
  • How you can leverage the rich functionalities of Connectivity Studio and Connectivity Monitor to configure and monitor integrations between D365 and a wide variety of external business systems

In this 1-hour webinar, our speakers showcase real-life customer examples of successful integrations and speak about the latest features and functions added to Connectivity Studio—including the introduction of our integration monitoring application, Connectivity Monitor. 

The webinar will also feature a live demo of Connectivity Studio, and end with a Q&A session, where our industry experts will answer your questions on D365 integration and integration performance monitoring. 


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Sales Specialist

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Solutions Consultant