Rapid EDI Deployment within D365 F&SCM


Did you know that without EDI, your business communication is not risk-free?

Although deploying EDI can help you improve business relations with your customers & suppliers and pave the way for streamlined document exchange, many companies still shy away from implementing EDI. They mistakenly believe that deploying EDI is expensive and cumbersome and would require the services of an EDI expert. They also expect their Dynamics ERP would have in-built EDI functionalities.

However, the truth is that only an EDI solution integrated within your ERP can help you securely transmit electronic data without technical intervention and process delays.

In this webinar, our To-Increase experts dispel many of the myths surrounding EDI deployment and help you understand how an embedded EDI solution can help you exchange business documents in a faster, secure, and more effective way.

Key takeways:

  • How you can set up and exchange your first set of EDI documents with trading partners in less than 30 days
  • How you can onboard new trading partners quickly
  • How you can automate multiple business transactions, such as shipping orders and invoices, without the delay and risk involved in traditional paper-based methods
  • How you can validate and correct documents before they are shared with trading partners

Learn how you can take a self-service EDI approach within Dynamics 365 F&SCM to enhance your EDI operations.

This one-hour webinar features a live demo of To-Increase EDI Studio, and ends with a Q&A session, where our experts answer questions on EDI and its deployment in D365.


Kevin Davis

Kevin has over 40 years of ERP technology sales, marketing, and business operations management experience. His work has included a wide variety of manufacturing, distribution, rental and leasing, and service management businesses.

Eric van Hofwegen

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Eric van Hofwegen is an expert at providing business consultations to our customers and partner networks. He is passionate about assisting our partner and customer networks by analyzing business requirements, conducting workshops, delivering product specifications on customization, and modeling business processes.