Transitioning to D365 F&SCM? Here are some scenarios for migrating your EDI connections.


Are you considering upgrading to Dynamics 365 or already implementing it, but worried about migrating your current EDI set up? 

Upgrading your EDI landscape can seem like an uphill task, especially when you’re dealing with different brokers, middleware set ups, and expensive customizations. You probably think that you need to re-invest in a new EDI solution, although you already have customized EDI running outside your current ERP. In fact, you may even keep EDI out of scope during your ERP implementation believing that including EDI in the process would be too complex. 

We, at To-Increase, understand that EDI isn’t a stand-alone piece—it’s part of your entire integration landscape. That’s why we have built solutions that can not only cover any implementation scenario but are also flexible enough to help you bring your existing customizations and EDI set up to D365 F&SCM. 

Watch our on-demand webinar “Transitioning to D365 F&SCM? Here are some scenarios for migrating your EDI connections.” where we showcase: 

  • How To-Increase’s business integration and EDI solutions can help you connect easily with your existing EDI landscape 
  • How you can retain the freedom to keep your current broker or explore new options while enjoying enhanced ERP functionality 
  • How our configurable solutions can help you transfer your EDI set up to the new D365 environment without waiting to go live 
  • How our rich business integration platform can help you enhance your EDI functionality in F&SCM 

Our speakers did demonstrate the features of To-Increase’s EDI Studio for Dynamics 365 F&SCM. This one-hour webinar ends with a Q&A session, where our industry experts answer your questions on diverse migration scenarios and how to tackle any EDI challenge while upgrading to D365. 

If you would also like to get your specific queries or concerns around EDI in Dynamics 365 answered, please reach out to our experts .

Discover how you can get the best out of your existing EDI set up while migrating to D365 F&SCM without reinventing the wheel. 

Jerry Caous

Sales Director

Dorian Sakowski

Pre-sales consultant